Soup Recipes

Famine. Mr. Soyer's Model Soup Kitchen-tn
Mr. Soyer’s Model Soup Kitchen
The soup recipes were generally not balanced for minerals and vitamins and over time gave rise to scurvy and other diseases. Some were too thin [watery] leading to diarrhoea.


Famine. soup kitchenSoyer’s Soup
This recipe was developed by Alex Soyer, a famous French chef of the reform club in London. Soyer claimed a meal of this soup once a day, together with a biscuit was sufficient to sustain the strength of a strong healthy man.




Qtr leg of beef.
2 gallons of water.
3 ounces of dripping.
2 onions and any other vegetable.
2 pounds of flour.
Half pound of pearl barley.
3 ounces of salt.
Half pound of brown sugar.

Famine. Quaker soup-kitchen-tn


Mrs Neal’s Soup
County Limerick



190 quarts of water.
30 lbs of beef.
8 lbs of barley.
8 lbs of steeped peas.
2 stone of turnips.
Portion of Leeks.
Any other vegetables.

Grattan’s Soup
County Laois

1 ox head.
28 lbs of turnips.
3 lbs of onions.
7 lbs of carrots.
21 lbs of pea meal.
14 lbs of Indian meal.
30 gallons of water.

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